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 GANG atelier is pleased to welcome you to its first opening: Friends of Friends.

The selection of art and design exhibited here is created and brought together by friends, and friends of friends.
Initiated to accompany the inauguration of the new co-creative studio GANG atelier, the presentation has grown organically over the last weeks. 
The selection started with a collection of unique and limited edition artworks by upcoming and established artists from the online platform However some design pieces were quickly added; representing design pieces by some of Belgium’s most ingenious young designers.
This combination leads to a domestic meeting space – a living room where thoughts and ideas can be shared with friends, and friends of friends.

Friends of Friends is organized by Thomas Caron, Laure Decock, Adrien Meira, Lou van ‘t Riet and Eline Willaert. 

Atelier Tactile, Martin Belou, Aline Bouvy, Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Kate Cooper, Destroyers / Builders – Linde Freya Tangelder, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Michel François, Leo Gabin, David Horvitz, Stefaan Jamaer, Valérie Mannaerts, Sarah Margnetti, Léa Munsch, Max Pinckers, Bram Vanderbeke, Nathalie Van der Massen x Hija Studio, Camiel Van Noten x Angel Solanellas, Lou van ‘t Riet, Philippe Van Snick, Nel Verbeke and Vormen.

Friday 14 June: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Opening)
Saturday 15 June: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Sunday 16 June: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM